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Pack your Bags


Day dress code : Most of the time we will spend on Beach or in town doing some sort of training, so take lots of short sleeves T-shirts, some light pants & beach pants (expect hot weather 28-33C) for most of the days

For night, Clubs have no dress code, but that doesn't mean you can be dressed as shit. Pack few cool Jeans , few cool shirts, ( short & long sleeves) - nights can be fresh/chilly.

We expect a day or 2 of bad weather (rain & wind), so take some long sleeves shirt or wind jacket(just in case)


-10/12x short sleeves T-shirts

-3-4x short sleeves for Physical training

- 2/3x long sleeves shirt

-1x2 button shirt

- 2x Short pants ( beach wear)

- 2/3x jeans or some cool summer pants for evening


-SunBlock/Sun creme

-Something against Mosquitos (Off)

-Beach towel


-Beachwear ( flip-flops) 

-Wind Jacket in case of rain / bad weather

-Your hygiene tools ( toothbrush..etc)

-Running shoes/wear (for outdoor fitness/ physical training) - (you can’t run in flip-flops!!)

- your Cellphone 
You will receive daily training schedule via WhatsApp application.
In house you will have Wifi good signal, so you can check you emails/ whatsApp messages

-Small Hand-mirror ( The one girls use for make-up) we will need it for changing your belief’s exercise


In house we will provided you with lady who will wash & clean your cloths on end of first week, so pack cloths for 7-8 days and then on end of first week( sunday) we will do a big GROUP wash.

 DO NOT WAR FLIP-FLOPS AND SOCKS!!!! THIS IS QUARANTINED  WAY NOT TO GET ANY PUSSY ON SUMER CAMP!! If we catch you walking this this, you will get punished.